5 custom-made lifting tables for IKEA Sweden

5 board to IKEA, which is not "collect it yourself"

IKEA Sweden has had 5 custom-made lifting tables delivered via our German customer SSI Schäfer Automation GmbH. The tables measure 1400 x 900 mm. and can travel 800 mm. They have a lifting capacity of 750 kg., and they must be used 7 times an hour in an automatic system. We are particularly good at custom designing solutions that suit the specific company, in this case IKEA. We construct our custom-made solutions from the ground up, and we can meet almost any need. We have skilled constructors in-house, with whom you can make discreet contact. This provides a safe and secure process for you as a customer. When we create a customized solution, we offer: - Outline of proposed solution - Participation in planning and coordination meetings - Handover at the construction site Contact us and get project help today. Get painted in your own colours: We have our own painter in JEMA LIFT, who ensures that all our products are ready to go when they are sent off. If you, as a customer, have wishes for a certain color for your lift to be painted, we can also accommodate this. Our specially designed lifting tables are produced in Denmark, and they are installed by our permanent Danish fitters at your company. It is your security for good communication about the solution.