Goods lift to Jeudan Project in Bredgade, Copenhagen

Customer: Jeudan.
1000 kg
1000 mm
1700 mm
Sak type:
3200 mm
Lifting time:
approx. 0.05 m / sec
1.1 kW, 1400 rpm
Mine. height:
85 mm
Passenger transport: No

For a construction built in Bredgade in Copenhagen of Jeudan, we have supplied a goods elevator which is used in a kitchen. The goods elevator is small and fits well into the building and the customer's needs. Goods elevators are used to transport goods between several levels, and a goods elevator can be made to order or as a turnkey contract. A JEMA LIFT goods elevator is manufactured according to the scissor or truck principle (depending on the conditions), built into a shaft with doors or freestanding with shielding. All JEMA LIFT goods lifts and lifting tables are delivered CE-marked with guards, doors and safety equipment in accordance with EN 1570 and the machinery directive. In many places, an elevator is needed to move goods from one level to another, where an ordinary personnel elevator is often too expensive a solution. A JEMA LIFT goods elevator provides an economical and extremely elegant alternative in such situations. We can adapt the solution to exactly your needs. A goods elevator can be used for many different purposes. Most often between 2 or more levels in many different contexts: Ramp table - as a loading ramp for trucks or the like. Car elevator - for the transport of cars between several levels Goods elevator - either built into a shaft or freestanding for the transport of objects between several levels.