Car lifts

A car lift ensures smart transport of cars between several levels. A car elevator can advantageously be used as transport for cars for eg. Exhibitions where the building is levelally.

A car lift is built up exactly as a product elevator - but just designed, so it works optimally for moving cars between levels in a car house.

Car liftCar lift

Car lift

inc. vat 109.993,50 EUR

ex. vat 87.994,80 EUR

Capacity: 3000 kg


Min. height: 950 mm


Max. height: 4550 mm


Vandring: 3600 mm


Length: 6100 mm


Width: 3000 mm


Over the years, we have delivered many car elevators for both Danish and foreign car houses. Contact us finally for reference customers and projects.

We are especially skilled in making special solutions that suit your particular need.