Lifting platforms

Lifting platforms/handicap lifts
What is a handicap lift?

Lifting platforms/handicap lifts provide accessibility for everyone. A JEMA LIFT lifting platform provides wheelchair users physical access.

The product range includes lifting platforms and small lifts up to 3 meter migration. A strong and competitive product program used in both industry, private homes and public buildings.

Løfteplatform til 150 kg

Lift platform for 150 kg

inc. vat 6.786,27 EUR

ex. vat 5.429,02 EUR

Capacity: 150 kg


Min. height: 240 mm


Max. height: 1040 mm


Vandring: 800 mm


Length: 1500 mm


Width: 1000 mm


Løfteplatform til 500 kgLøfteplatform til 500 kg

Lifting platform for 500 kg

inc. vat 20.256,68 EUR

ex. vat 16.205,34 EUR

Capacity: 500 kg


Min. height: 80 mm


Max. height: 880 mm


Vandring: 800 mm


Length: 1500 mm


Width: 1200 mm


Lifting platform for X-rayLifting platform for X-ray

Lifting platform for X-ray

inc. vat 24.999,06 EUR

ex. vat 19.999,25 EUR

Capacity: 200 kg


Min. height: 65 mm


Max. height: 465 mm


Vandring: 400 mm


Length: 1100 mm


Width: 1000 mm


JEMA LIFT lifting platforms are supplied in a single design with shielding and doors that are adapted to the surrounding architecture. They are supplied as standard with lifting height up to 3 m. And for use for both goods and passenger transport.

The lifting platform operation is simple and the vast majority of users will thus be self-reliant. The platform can be operated both from the chair and at the individual charging points.

  • Danish-produced at our own factory
  • Lifting capacity up to 4000 kg
  • Lift height up to 3 m
  • Suitable for outdoor setup
  • Lifting platforms - provides availability for everyone
  • Stair platform lifts - hidden 2-in-1 solution is built in staircase
  • The lifts are manufactured according to the customer's needs and always adapted in design with shielding and doors to other buildings