Car elevator for parking garage

A car lift can be used as transport for cars for e.g. car parks where there is not much space. In many larger cities, the establishment of a certain number of parking spaces is a requirement when new apartment complexes are built. Traditionally, a ramp is used to transport the cars between floors, but such a solution takes up a lot of space - precious space, given the price per square meter in the big city. A car lift only takes up a small amount of space and is therefore a good solution for transporting cars between floors in a car park.

A car elevator is built exactly like a goods elevator - but simply designed so that it works optimally for moving cars between levels in a car garage. A car lift is built around a scissor lift table. The lift table is placed in a shaft, which shields the car lift on all sides. The shaft can consist of existing building parts, or of lightweight ones walls constructed for a car lift. At each level there is a door or gate with approved door locks. The lift is called or sent to the desired level. At each level there are light indicators for the lift's movement and position.