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Jema Lift - Historically

JEMA LIFT is a family owned company located in Sahl near Bjerringbro, Denmark.

JEMA LIFT is with more than 40 years of experience one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic lifting tables in Europe. The sale takes place either directly to our many customers in Denmark, or in Europe through dealers and business partners in the individual countries. The products have achieved international recognition for quality, design and user-friendliness. All products are tested and supplied with test certificate before shipping.

We are particularly good at making custom-made solutions
adapted to customer needs. Behind our solutions lies a thorough drawing. We calculate and draw the solution so it becomes perfect both functional and aesthetically.

Jens-Peter Lundgaard

Jema Lift is situated side by side withJema Agro A / Sthat produces transport plants for cereals, seeds and other granules and BYJEMA.that produces steel products for uderum. All three companies are part of the Jema Group, which is founded by Jens Pedersen in 1943.
It is still owned and operated by the Pedersen family - today of third generation, Jens-Peter Lundgaard. "Jema" stands for Jens, the founding, and Marie, his wife, who was also a great deal of business.

This is how we are

Jema Lift is a company where we focus on both present and future. We have a reputation for being at the forefront of development and has invested right in the necessary equipment, so we have been able to match the market on both quality and delivery in a time when it goes really strong.



It is Jema Lift's mission to provide the technically truly
Solution, combined with full competitiveness in the selected segments, and with necessary value creation for customers.

It is Jema's mission at any time to have the employees who
feel the greatest employee satisfaction and are animated by the affiliation
to JEMA through their personal and professional development.

Hvorfor vælge JEMA LIFT

JEMA LIFT's lifting tables, lifting platforms, and elevators are characterized by high quality. They are both robust and flexible to work with and can be used both outdoors and indoors.
There are many factors to consider when a builder or architect needs to choose which lifting platform or elevator they should have. JEMA LIFT has extensive experience in guiding and advising on which lifting platform is suitable for the specific project.