Løftebord til Alfa Laval - JEMA LIFT

Løftebord til Alfa Laval

Kunde: Alfa LavalKapacitet: 3000 kgSakstype: S-1300800T3 Længde: 1300 mmBredde: 800 mmVandring: 1040 mmMin. højde: 240 mmVægt: ca. 330 kg

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Varelevator til Arla Foods - JEMA LIFT

Varelevator til Arla Foods

Vi har produceret en vareelevator til Arla Foods i Holstebro. Vareelevatoren fra JEMA LIFT er produceret på vores fabrik i Danmark. Vi producerer s...

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Løftetårn til DSV - JEMA LIFT

Lifting Tower to DSV

We have created a goods elevator for DSV's logistics storage in Hedehusene. The goods elevator is unique in that it is made up of a lifting tower i...

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Bilelevator til Aros Åpark - JEMA LIFT

Car elevator to Aros Åpark

We have made a car elevator for AROS Åpark in Aarhus. Aros Åpark is a terrace house on 6 floors centrally in Aarhus down to Aarhus Å. The car eleva...

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Bilelevator til p-hus - JEMA LIFT

Carlift for parking house

A Billift can be used as transport for cars for e.g. Parking spaces where there is not much space. In many major cities, the establishment of a cer...

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Vareelevator til Den Gamle By - JEMA LIFT

Goods lift to the Old Town

We have provided a goods elevator to the old town in Aarhus to fit in the 1970s district. The modern technique of the goods elevator is hidden, so ...

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Varelevator til A. P. Botved - JEMA LIFT

Goods lift to A. P. Botved

Varage Elevator to A. P. Botved We have supplied a product elevator also called a freight elevator to the company Botved in Herlev, which will be u...

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