Accessories for JEMA Lifting tables

Over the years we have manufactured lifting tables for all types of industry and machines. This has given us a great deal of insight into and understanding of how a lifting table should be designed and equipped for prolonged efficiency, reliability, ergonomics and safety. Our hydraulic lifting tables are made up of scissors.

All lifting tables are made with the following features:

  1. Compact hydraulic unit with integrated control. Overpressure valve and adjustable lowering valve are standard components of the single -acting hydraulic system. Integrated filter both in tank and on the return side ensures a clean and quiet system that lasts for many years.
  2. High -strength profile steel arms give the table a very large side stability. Long bushings with lubrication nipples in all moving joints reduce the load in the most exposed places and ensure the lifting table a long life with minimal maintenance.
  3. Security list on all sides reduces the risk of clamping.
  4. Hydraulic cylinders with lubrication nipples. All cylinders are secured against pipe fractures.
  5. Rolls and wheels are fork assembled, providing a very long life and very low maintenance costs.
  6. Safety barrier locks the table for service and repair.
  7. Service -friendly shafts and tenants.
  8. Jema LIFT Lifting tables are manufactured for simple assembly. All tables are prepared for fastening for flooring, while many of the types are prepared for lifting and handling crane and truck.
  9. All products CE are labeled by Jema Lift according to EN 1570 and the Machinery Directive.
Antislip bordplade / skridsikkert gulv

Anti-slip worktop / non-slip floor

inc. vat 501,53 EUR

ex. vat 401,22 EUR

Fotocelle automatisk op/ned

Photocell automatically up / down

inc. vat 1.635,35 EUR

ex. vat 1.308,28 EUR



Min. height:


Max. height:








Galvaniseret søjle

Galvanized column

inc. vat 185,30 EUR

ex. vat 148,24 EUR

Industriel låge med mekanisk lås

Industrial door with mechanical lock

inc. vat 1.041,35 EUR

ex. vat 833,08 EUR

Industrielt gelænder (pris pr. m.)

Industrial railing (price per m.)

inc. vat 863,23 EUR

ex. vat 690,58 EUR


Load flap

inc. vat 668,88 EUR

ex. vat 535,10 EUR

Mobil underramme til 1501-3000 kg

Mobile subframe to 1501-3000 kg

inc. vat 1.168,52 EUR

ex. vat 934,82 EUR

Mobil underramme til 500-1500 kg

Mobile subframe to 500-1500 kg

inc. vat 977,07 EUR

ex. vat 781,66 EUR

Ovenpåliggende drejeskive 1000 kg

Appearing turntable 1000 kg

inc. vat 882,03 EUR

ex. vat 705,62 EUR

Ovenpåliggende drejeskive 2000 kg

Appearing turntable 2000 kg

inc. vat 1.311,26 EUR

ex. vat 1.049,01 EUR

Svingbar bordpladeSvingbar bordplade 1000 kg

Swivel table top 1000 kg

inc. vat 1.912,27 EUR

ex. vat 1.529,82 EUR

Svingbar bordpladeSvingbar bordplade 2000 kg

Swivel table top 2000 kg

inc. vat 1.988,34 EUR

ex. vat 1.590,67 EUR

Tilt bordplade 45 graderTilt bordplade 45 grader

Tilt table top 45 degrees

inc. vat 5.720,40 EUR

ex. vat 4.576,32 EUR

Tilt bordplade 90 grader

Tilt table top 90 degrees

inc. vat 7.811,29 EUR

ex. vat 6.249,03 EUR

Truckunderstøtning til 1501-3000 kgTruckunderstøtning til 1501-3000 kg

Truck support for 1501-3000 kg

inc. vat 679,99 EUR

ex. vat 543,99 EUR

Truckunderstøtning til 500-1500 kgTruck support for 500-1500 kg

Truck support for 500-1500 kg

inc. vat 622,89 EUR

ex. vat 498,31 EUR

Other Standard Features:

  • Electric box for 3 x 415V/50 Hz + ground + 0 with density according to IP 65
  • The table as a whole with density according to IP54
  • Steering voltage is on all features 24V DC prepared for PLC control
  • Operating box with 3 meter cable
  • Low noise level 52-58 DBA
  • Test certificate from factory

    All Accessories Delivered Tested from Jema Ready to Use

    Get a non -binding offer on a work platform or lifting table for your needs. We are specialists in making customized solutions where a lifting table can design just according to your needs.