Safety equipment

It is important to have safety in order and have the right equipment. Our hydraulic lifting tables are equipped with different features that ensure your and your colleagues' safety.

Security Edge List

Under the outer edge of the platform, we mount a security ckrid list which immediately stops the lowering movement if activated. In this way, the security edge list ensures that there are no accidents with clamping while using the lifting table.

Security Edge List

Safety barrier

It is forbidden to stay under the platform unless the lifting table is mechanically locked. Our lifting tables are mounted all with a safety barrier that can maintain the table at service height so that service and repairs can be carried out safely under the platform.

Solenoid valve

Jema LIFT Lifting tables are mounted with a solenoid valve directly on the cylinder. The solenoid valve blocks the oil, which means that the platform does not lower in the event of a breach of the hydraulic system.

Snake break valve

On Jema Lift lifting tables there are hose break valve which ensures that if hose fractures occur, the lifting table is lowered at low speed.

Lock Pal for Blocking

The locking pale ensures that the lift is in position.
Lock Pal for Blocking

Anti-slip table top

It is possible to purchase an anti-slip surface on the worktop. We give the worktop a rough surface using sand to provide a non-slip surface.


Legislation and labeling

CE label

All JEMA LIFT lifting tables are labeled with CE marks and we send a CE declaration with the manual.

A 1570

All Jema Lift lifting tables are constructed in accordance with a 1570, which is the set of rules that apply to lifting tables for goods with and without operator.

ABEK 461

On June 30, 2016, the Danish Working Environment Authority issued new legislation on elevators, namely ABEK 461. Jema Lift produces lifting tables that comply with these laws.