The following sales, payment and delivery terms apply between the buyer and sell in so far as these are not waived by other written Agreement between the parties.

1. Offer

All offers are free - unless otherwise stated. The delivery times listed in the offer shall apply subject to changes in

Delivery time from Jema Lift A / S 'suppliers and for intermediate sales.

2. Order

Any order is to consider as an offer from the buyer's side and requires order confirmation from Jema Lift A / S.

Any objection of discrepancies in the order confirmation must be Jema Lift A / S no later than 8 days after

the receipt of the order confirmation.

3. Scope of delivery

The delivery includes only those in the offer, respective order confirmation, specified declarations; including equipment as well

Any benefits for later delivery.

4. Prices

Said prices are in Danish kroner excl. VAT and are listed as fixed prices. However, Jema Lift A / S is entitled to regulate prices as a result of

Changes in customs, taxes, exchange rates, taxes and the like., taking place at the time of delivery.

The same applies to extraordinary increases in raw materials due to external events that could not be foreseen by the agreement


5. Catalog, price lists, etc.

Catalogs, price lists, operating instructions are considered alone as a call to want offers. This in terms of prices, technical

Descriptions, Data M.M., and thus are non-committal for the seller. The buyer is therefore encouraged to inquire about any changes in

connection with the contract.

6. Shipment

When nothing else has been agreed, the price is based on shipping ab factory. If Jema Lift A / S must manage the shipment after the buyer's choice, the buyer is charged

All shipping costs.

7. Delivery

The buyer is for late delivery only entitled to raise the deal if the delay amounts more than 30 days in addition to the agreed delivery date. It is

Moreover, a condition that the buyer promises promptly when the agreed delivery time is exceeded.

It is a condition for claiming compensation that Jema Lift A / S already had knowledge of the order confirmation time that

Delivery time could not be observed. Jema Lift A / S assumes no responsibility for indirect losses caused by late delivery.

8. Force majeure

Any delivery is also with conditions for delay as a result of strike or lockout, war, mobilization, seizure,

Currency restrictions, transport barriers, fire, rebellion and troubles, delay or defective delivery from subcontractor in spite of timely and

Proper order from Jema Lift A / S 'side or other causes outside Jema Lift A / S' control.

Circumstances, as mentioned in the conclusion of the agreement, only freedom of discharge, if their fulfillment could not be foreseen

the time of the agreement.

9. Ownership

The seller retains ownership of it sold until the entire purchase price plus all accrued costs and interest is paid.

10. Inspection

When incartment used equipment, the risk will only exceed Jema Lift A / S at the physical handover of the material. It is the responsibility of the owner to hand over it used

Material in the same condition as it existed on the day of the conclusion of the trading.

Maintenance and possible repair costs until delivery is thus held by the owner.

If, in the residual debt, it is the responsibility of the owner to pay services that are available for payment before delivery to Jema Lift A / S.

11. Payment

If nothing else has been agreed, the payment terms are net cash before shipping the goods. Buyer is not entitled to withhold payment on the basis of

counterclaims of any kind

12. Remedies and Limitations Restrictions

If deficiencies are found regarding. It sold within 12 months after delivery (at 8 hours of operation / day) is the seller committed and eligible to

make remediation as soon as possible. Jema Lift A / S does not abstain. Travel expenses and hotel accommodation.

At X-model lifting tables for intensive use, this period is, unless otherwise agreed in writing, 4 months from delivery date.

At L-model import tables, this period, unless otherwise agreed, has been agreed in writing, 4 months from delivery date.

The provision is conditional on Jema Lift A / S 'warranty provisions and service are complied with. Remedy takes place in accordance with the provisions of NLM 94.

13. Returns
Jema Lift products are manufactured for the customer's specifications and are thus not returned.

14. Responsibility for property damage caused by the equipment (product liability)
The buyer must keep Jema Lift A / S damn to the extent that Jema Lift A / S imposes responsibility to third parties for such damage and
Such losses which Jema Lift A / S after the second and third paragraphs of this point are not responsible for the buyer.
Jema Lift A / S is not responsible for damage caused by the equipment:
a. on real estate or movable property that occurs while the material is in the buyer's possession.
b. On products manufactured by the buyer or on products in which they are included, or for damage to real estate
or movable to which these products resulting from the equipment cause.
In no case, Jema Lift A / S is responsible for operating losses, lost profits or other economic impact losses.
The said restrictions in Jema Lift A / S 'responsibility does not apply if the company has guilty of gross negligence.
If the timber makes a claim against one of the parties on liability under this point, this party shall immediately notify the other
this. Jema Lift A / S 'coverage room per. Insurance year cannot exceed DKK 10,000,000, - for coverage of personal and / or property damage.
Jema Lift A / S and the buyer is mutually obliged to sue by the court or arbitration tribunal, which deals with claims raised against
one of them on the basis of an injury allegedly caused by the stock. However, the relationship between Jema Lift A / S and the buyer must not always be determined
by arbitration.

15. Venue
Any discrepancy between the parties is determined in accordance with it at any time applicable Danish legislation with the seller's home as
Venue. Cf. However paragraph 14.

16. Moreover
The present sales, delivery and payment conditions mentioned and derogations to NLM 94 apply rather than NLM 94.
In addition, NLM 94 is otherwise valid. These are handed up as desired.