Car lift for Selected Car Leasing in Køge

Customer: Selected Car Leasing, Køge
Capacity: 3000 kg
3000 mm
Length: 6100 mm
3600 mm
Lifting time:
approx. 0.05 m / sec
7,5 kW, 1400 rpm
Mine. height:
950 mm
Passenger transport: No

For Selected Car Leasing in Køge, we have delivered a car elevator that enables them to get cars up to the first floor. The car lift is designed so that it fits nicely into the exhibition. The sides of the car lift are engraved with Selected Car Leasing's logo/coat of arms. A car elevator is built exactly like a goods elevator - but simply designed so that it functions optimally for moving of cars between levels in a carport. A car lift is built around a scissor lift table. The lifting table is placed in a shaft, which shields the car lift on all sides. The shaft can consist of existing building parts, or of light walls built for the car lift. At each level there is a door or gate with approved door locks. The lift is called or sent to the desired level. At each level there are light indicators for the lift's movement and position. Over the years, we have supplied many car lifts to both Danish and foreign car dealerships. Finally, contact us for reference customers and projects. We are particularly skilled at creating special solutions that suit your specific needs.

The car lift from JEMA LIFT is produced at our factory in Denmark. We manufacture the lift ourselves, which is why we are also flexible and can produce in other sizes and capacities if desired. Our car lifts are intended exclusively for goods transport. Passenger transport is not allowed.

  • Included in the price of the car lift:
  • Scissor lift table
  • SNon-slip surface - aluminum tread plate
  • Elevator control - 2 floors
  • 2 approved door locks
  • Mechanical safety in the upper position
  • Operation
  • Light indicator for lift movement/position
  • Door to the lower level (not climate shield)
  • Gate to the upper level

Technical Description:

Profile steel arms in high-strength steel provide the lifting table with very high lateral stability. Long bushings with grease nipples in all movable joints reduce the stress on the most vulnerable areas and ensure a long lifespan with minimal maintenance for the lifting table. Rollers and wheels are fork-mounted, providing a very long lifespan and very low maintenance costs.