JYSK Distribution Center - Focus on Efficiency and Good Work Environment

1,500-2,000 kg
2200 mm
1350 mm
2800 mm
46,800 lift / year
Special developed 2 Speed ​​hydraulics up / down

Top-Modern distribution center at JYSK

JYSK has extended storage capacity. A huge warehouse in Uldum replaces previously small stocks. The state-of-the-art device and specially designed lifting tables provide the individual employee optimal working conditions. End with heavy lifting. All boxes come directly to the individual employee. It ensures minimal physical strain.

Each operator, using 5 lifting tables, all goods at your fingertips and the lifting tables automatically set in the employee's correct working height. The workstations have been developed via simulation and tests in close cooperation with users.

Jema Lift has delivered more than 130 pcs. Lifting tables for the distribution center.

Automated high stock

JYSK Distribution Center, Uldum, is one of Europe's largest and most automated high stocks that contain approx. 135,000 Pallet sites with warehouse goods. All stock items must be repacked for order shipping on a DEE many package sites.

At JYSK, you strive for the repackaging to take effectively and with optimal ergonomics for the individual employee. With specially designed lifting tables from Jema Lift, just meet the wishes.

Jema Lift has delivered more than 130 lifting tables for the exciting storage project.