Lifting table to Alfa Laval

Customer: Alfa Laval
Capacity: 3000 kg
Item type: S-1300800T3
Length: 1500 mm
Width: 1000 mm
Stroke: 1040 mm
Min. height: 240 mm
Weight: approx. 330 kg

Løftebord til Alfa Laval
Løftebord til Alfa Laval

We have delivered a custom S-1300800T3 lifting table to Alfa Laval in Kolding. The table is intended for use as a test bench for their pump program.

They have requested the following modifications to the lifting table:

  • Increased table top size to 1500x1000mm
  • Mechanically adjustable stop in the base frame
  • Ball valve on the hydraulic system
  • Truck support with adjustable machine shoes
  • Platform displacement +100/ -300mm
  • Adjustable lifting speed
  • Adjustable lowering speed
  • Stainless steel spill tray on the platform