Goods lift for Carlsberg Academy

Customer: Carlsberg Academy
250 kg
1000 mm
1180 mm
Number of scissors:
5 pieces
3040 mm
Lifting time:
approx. 0.05 m / sec
Engine: 3.0 kW, 1400 rpm
Performed in galvanized plate on three sides in both levels
Passenger transport:
Operator permitted along with goods

Carlsberg Academy, owned by the Carlsberg Foundation, is former home for brewer J.C. Jacobsen and a very beautiful old building. The building has been renovated, and at the head of the renovation has stood the Elgaard Achitecture drawing office, which specializes in cultural heritage and historical buildings.

We have delivered an goods lift, which is made in the same beautiful style as the building. The product elevator has a platform in browned brass, and it is operated using brass pressure. It is used to transport food between
The kitchen in the basement plane and the premises on the first floor.

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