Ergonomics is the doctrine of how the body works and moves. By taking into account the ergonomics, unnecessary injuries and sick days can be prevented.

Ergonomic health is challenged by manual work that increases the risk of employees becoming exhausted, getting injuries and a high sickness absence. Some of the major risk factors for injuries are:

  • Awkward work situations (forward bends, twist)
  • Repeated movements (promise, carry)
  • Violent effort (pushing, pulling, carrying, lifting heavy)

    You can avoid the risk factors and thereby increase the efficiency of getting some good lifting solutions. Jema Lift has a large selection of Lifting tables, covering many work situations. Our lifting tables can be used as welding tables, mounting tables, parcel tables, ramp tables, pitchers for operators, palletizing.

    What to look for
    How to discover a problem with the ergonomics? How does one discover that a lifting table is needed? The best place to start is to go for a walk through production and look for these indicators:

    • Employees who squate or extend to reach their work
    • Employees who manually move heavy items
    • Workstations with elephant feet/stools
    • Workstations modified by employees to make work easier

    Healthy ergonomics are important for efficiency and comfort. Contact us Preferably for guidance on your ergonomic challenges and which lifting table you should choose.

    A good ergonomics in the workplace ensure that employees work efficiently and at the right working height to avoid injuries and lost working days.

    Back pain
    Back pain is the most common work -related injury and is the cause of many sick days.

    A correct posture and work processes without heavy lifting improve efficiency as employees are less exhausted and have fewer sick days.

    At Jema Lift, we are good at helping customers increase productivity, and we have extensive experience in finding the right ergonomic solution for your workflows and processes.

    Hydraulic lifting tables help cut back on physical work for employees, avoid back pain due to incorrect lifting and increase efficiency.

    Improve ergonomics with a lifting table


    Benefits of lifting tables
    Lifting tables solve two ergonomic challenges at once:

    • Lifting tables remove the need for manual lifting (one of the main causes of work injuries)
    • Lifting tables allow employees to place the work where it suits them best