About lifting tables

Efficient and safe workflow

Creating an efficient and safe workplace often requires careful consideration of how to handle materials and perform tasks. This is where lifting tables from JEMA LIFT come in as an essential part of the solution. With a focus on ergonomics, productivity, flexibility and safety, our lifting tables offer a comprehensive solution for any organisation. The ergonomically correct working height is essential to reduce the risk of work-related injuries.


Increased productivity

By ensuring materials are lifted to the correct height, waste time is reduced and work speed is increased. This creates a more efficient workflow and helps to increase productivity. Our lifting tables are designed to adapt to different loads and heights, making them versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications and industries. Whether it's for a stairlift, goods lift or car lift, our lift tables can be customised to meet specific needs.


By eliminating the need for manual lifting, our lift tables create a safe work zone that reduces the risk of injury and creates a controlled environment for handling materials. JEMA LIFT offers a comprehensive range of high-quality lift tables that can be customised for different heights and loads. Our lift tables can be stationary or portable depending on the needs and are designed to be robust enough for both indoor and outdoor use.


Our goods lifts, also known as pallet lifts, are perfect for moving larger objects within buildings. With customisation for pallet sizes, our solutions allow for direct entry of pallets, making them ideal for efficient handling of shipments and larger materials. No matter the complexity of the task, JEMA LIFT prioritises quality and customisation. Our lift tables are created to meet a variety of needs and ensure a smooth and efficient workflow.