About goods lifts

Efficient goods transport

Multi-level goods transport doesn't have to be cumbersome or expensive. At JEMA LIFT, we understand the importance of efficiency and reliability, which is why we offer customised freight elevators to suit your specific needs.

Danish quality and safety

When it comes to freight elevators, we do not compromise on safety and quality. All our freight elevators and lifting tables are CE-marked and fulfil the requirements of EN 1570 and the Machinery Directive. With a focus on Danish quality and safety, you can rest assured that you get a reliable and certified solution.

JEMA LIFT vareelevator
JEMA LIFT vareelevator

Advantages of JEMA LIFT Goods Lifts

1. Scalable solutions
Whether you need to transport food, pallets or anything else, we customise our solutions to your specific needs. Our flexibility ensures customised answers to any transport challenge.

2. Safety and reliability
With locking pawls for level protection, pipe break protection for all cylinders and type-approved lift locks, our freight elevators meet the highest safety standards. Additional features such as anti-slip flooring and safety interlocks add extra protection and reliability in use.

By investing in a JEMA LIFT freight elevator, you are not only investing in efficient goods transport, but also in reliability, safety and customised solutions for your logistics needs.

Optimise your goods transport today with JEMA LIFT freight elevators. Contact us for tailor-made solutions that fit your company's needs.

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