Car lift for car park S-55003000T3

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A car lift can be used as transport for cars for e.g. car parks where there is not much space. In many larger cities, the establishment of a certain number of parking spaces is a requirement when new apartment complexes are built. Traditionally, a ramp is used to transport the cars between floors, but such a solution takes up a lot of space - precious space, given the price per square meter in the big city. A car lift only takes up a small amount of space and is therefore a good solution for transporting cars between floors in a car park.

A car elevator is built exactly like a goods elevator - but simply designed so that it works optimally for moving cars between levels in a car garage. A car lift is built around a scissor lift table. The lifting table is placed in a shaft, which shields the car lift on all sides. The shaft can consist of existing building parts, or of light walls built for the car lift. At each level there is a door or gate with approved door locks. The lift is called or sent to the desired level. At each level there are light indicators for the lift's movement and position.

The car lift from JEMA LIFT is produced at our factory in Denmark. We produce the lift ourselves, therefore we are also flexible and can produce in other sizes and capacities if desired.

Technical specifications:

Scissor type
Lifting time
95 sek
Capacity - evenly distributed cargo
3000 kg
Lenght 5500 mm
Width 3000 mm
Lift stroke
3200 mm
Min. height
800 mm
Max. height
4000 mm
Motor 5,5 kW
3750 kg

Max. lift/24 hours: 80

Also made to special measurements - Contact us

Included in the car lift price:

  •     Scissor lift table
  •     Non-slip surface - aluminum door plate
  •     Elevator control - 2 floors
  •     2 x approved door locks
  •     Mechanical safety in upper position
  •     Operation
  •     Light indicator for lift in motion/position
  •     Door to lower level (not climate screen)
  •     Door to upper level

Technical description:

Profiled steel arms in high-strength steel give the lifting table a very high lateral stability. Long bushings with grease nipples in all moving joints reduce the load on the most exposed places and ensure the lifting table a long service life with minimal maintenance. Rollers and wheels are fork-mounted, which gives a very long life and very low maintenance costs.


The door and gate are both manual and single-hinged. If additional shielding is required, we can also offer that.


This solution requires a pit. The size of the pit depends on which model you choose. Pit drawings can be supplied by offer or order.
Basis for CE marking:

The lifting table complies with all applicable circulars and orders. It is delivered tested and CE marked in accordance with the Machinery Directive and standard DS EN 1570 incl. documentation and test certificate.


There is a 1-year warranty from JEMA LIFT on faults and defects caused by the construction and installation of the lift. The warranty period requires max. 8 hours of use / day.


The car lift must have a minimum of 2 annual statutory inspections. We offer a fixed price for the first inspection, and we will then carry out inspections at a price calculated on the basis of our first visit.

Delivery and assembly of goods elevator:

The price is incl. delivery and assembly.

In order for the assembly site to be declared ready, the following conditions must be clarified or completed:

    Guide pipes for cables and hydraulic hoses must be established for the pit.
    The location of the pump station and control must be designated.
    The pit must be emptied of any waste, building materials and water.
    Casting work around the pit must be completed.
    Power with a switch must be led to the location for the control.
    The possibility to draw cables for controls and door locks must be present.
    Any aids in connection with placing the lifting table in the pit must be present.
    If a crane, truck or other aids are needed to install the car lift, this will be billed separately.
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