Lift platform for 150 kg

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What is a lifting platform?
A lifting platform consists of a horizontal double-shear electric hydraulic lifting table with integrated Power Unit. Ready to use.

A lifting platform is used to lift wheelchair users and poorly walking up.

Technical specifications:

Type no. S-15001000T1
Use Max. 80 lift per. 24 hours at 150 kg
Capacity - evenly distributed cargo 150 kg
Length 1445 mm
Width 1000 mm
Lift stroke
800 mm
Min. height 240 mm
Max. height 1040 mm
Engine 0.75 kW
Weight 245 kg
Lifting time 0.03 m / sec

Also made on custom specifications
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Technical description:

Profile steel arms in high strength steel gives the lifting platform a very large page stability. Long bushings with grease nipples in all moving joints reduce the load in the most exposed places and ensure a long life with minimal maintenance. Rolls and wheels are forkeletter, providing a very long life and very low maintenance costs.

Benefits of this lifting platform:

  • S-Model designed and produced in Denmark
  • Dimensioned for many daily lifting
  • Powerful arms in profile steel provide greatest stability
  • Integrated hydraulicunite from Dani-Tech
  • Great opportunities for custom making

Safety in terms of quality check and test

To ensure the high standard, which is so characteristic of our products here with JEMA Lift, all lifting platforms are tested thoroughly. We do this to ensure that there are no errors and shortcomings in our products that must always be ready for use in delivery. It is, among other things, one of the reasons why lifting platforms from Jema Lift are known to serve their jobs for many years without requiring any particular degree of maintenance or the like.

Basis of CE marking:

The lift table meets all applicable circulars and regulations. It is delivered tested and CE marked according to the machine directive and standard DS EN 1570 incl. Documentation and test certificate.


The 1 year warranty from Jema Lift is granted on errors and defects due to the lift's construction and setup. The warranty period requires Max. 8 hours of use / days.

Service check:

The lift table covered the requirement for annual inspection in accordance with instructions. of May 1996. Our experienced ServiceTeam offers to perform this inspection of all lifting tables, also foreign brands.

Delivery and assembly:

The price is incl. Delivery and assembly.

Conditions for assembly of lifting table:

  • Before mounting start of lifting table, the necessary conditions must be met.
  • Grube dimensions must be complied with, cf. Confirmation / Offers from Jema Lift A / S.
  • Tom tube for leading hydraulic hose and lines to pit must be established.
  • Placement for control and pump must be designated.
  • Possibility to pull wires for operations and door locks, in necessary levels must be present.
  • Montage must be completed without a stay if otherwise not agreed.


JEMA LIFT is a family owned company located in Sahl near Bjerringbro, Denmark.

JEMA LIFT is with more than 40 years of experience one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic lifting tables in Europe. The sale takes place either directly to our many customers in Denmark, or in Europe through dealers and business partners in the individual countries. The products have achieved international recognition for quality, design and user-friendliness. All products are tested and supplied with test certificate before shipping.

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