Lifting table S-DHS80001500T6

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Horizontal Double ax hydrauliskt lyftbord med integrerad kraftenhet. Redo att användas.

Arbetsplatser i hela Europa använder de tillförlitliga lyftborden från JEMA LIFT. De gör detta eftersom JEMA LIFTs lyftbord är både solida och flexibla för att kunna användas på flera områden. Våra lyftbord kan användas både för inomhus och utomhusarbete, och man bestämmer själv om de ska placeras direkt på marken eller på golvet, eller om de ska sänkas ned.

Technical specifications:

Type no. S-DHS80001500T6
Item no. 030810
Capacity - evenly distributed cargo 6000 kg
Length 8000 mm
Width 1500 mm
Lift stroke
2300 mm
Min. height 500 mm
Max. height 2800 mm
Engine 4.0 kW
Weight 3980 kg
Lifting time 120 sec
Use: Max 80 lifts/day.

Also made on custom specifications - Contact us

Benefits of this lifting table:

  • S-Model designed and produced in Denmark
  • Dimensioned for many daily lifting
  • Powerful arms in profile steel provide greatest stability
  • Integrated hydraulicunite from Dani-Tech
  • Design security edge list in aluminum ensures vulnerable
  • Control prepared for PLC integration. Supplied incl. Control box
  • Great opportunities for custom making

JEMA LIFT's lifting tables can be used for inter alia:

  • Welding tables
  • Montage tables
  • Package tables
  • Palletization
  • Pitch for operators

Whatever solution you choose, the use of Jema Lift lifting tables help create the framework for a better workplace, helping to ensure proper working conditions for all employees.

Safety in terms of quality check and test

To ensure the high standard, which is so characteristic of our products here with Jema Lift, all the lifting tables are tested thoroughly before they are supplied complete with control box for our customers. We do this to ensure that there are no errors and shortcomings in our products that must always be ready for use in delivery. It is, among other things, one of the reasons why lifting tables from Jema Lift are known to serve their jobs for many years without requiring any particular level of maintenance or the like.
We are experts in making lifting tables in all forms. Lifting tables facilitate physical loads and give your employees a more smooth and healthier everyday life.
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