Stairlift to 400 kg

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Jema LIFT Stairlift is a unique 2-in-1 solution. It is adapted to other stairs and is thus a hidden lift built into the stairs. It can be made with up to 3 steps and lifts steadily both people and heavy loads. It can be designed for both outdoor and indoor use.

The stair lift is always designed for the specific task and is delivered as a total contract. We produce it at our own workshop and our experienced installers manage the assembly at the set -up site. Jema Lift The stairlift is the preferred solution at the country's best architectural houses.

Technical specifications:

SAK type
Lifting time 0.05 m/sec
Capacity - evenly distributed load 300 kg
Length 1400 mm
Width 1100 mm
Hiking Platform: 985 mm
Mine. height
870 mm
Max. height
1440 mm
Engine 0.75 kw
Use Max. 80 lift per 24 hours a day at 350 kg

Also made on special goals - Contact us

Technical description:

Profile steel arms in high -strength steel give the lifting table a very large side stability. Long bushings with lubrication nipples in all moving joints reduce the load in the most exposed places and ensure the lifting table a long life with minimal maintenance. Rolls and wheels are fork assembled, providing a very long life and very low maintenance costs.

Basis of CE Marking:

The lifting table meets all applicable circulars and regulations. It is supplied tested and CE marked according to the Machinery Directive and Standard DS EN 1570 incl. Documentation and test certificate.


A 1 year warranty is provided from Jema Lift on errors and deficiencies caused by the lift's construction and setup. The warranty period requires max. 8 hours of use / day

Delivery and assembly
The price is incl. Delivery and assembly

Service inspection:

The lifting table is covered by the requirement for annual inspection according to the instruction no. of May 1996. Our experienced service team offers to perform this inspection on all lifting tables, also foreign makes.

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