U-shaped lifting table for Egholm A / S in Lemvig

Now Egholm's machine does not drive in to Montage himself

JEMA LIFT has supplied a lift table for Egholm A / S in Lemvig. The U-shaped lifting table must be used for assembly of their multima.

The U-shape means that the machine can be placed directly with a stacks, which means that the machine does not have to start indoors to drive to mounting.

U-bord superlavt L-U1450985T0,6

Optimize the working environment with our lifting tables

Lifting tables constitute an important part of an efficient workplace, and the benefits extend far beyond just adjusting the working height. By integrating lifting tables from JEMA LIFT into your workflow, you can experience significant advantages:

Ergonomic Optimization: Reduce the risk of work-related injuries by creating an ergonomically correct working height that minimizes the strain on employees' bodies during lifting and handling of materials.
Improved Productivity: Streamline workflows by ensuring that materials are lifted to the right height, reducing downtime and increasing work speed.
Flexibility and Adaptation: Our lifting tables are designed to be adaptable to different loads and heights, making them versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications and industries.
Safety: Create a secure work zone by eliminating the need for manual lifting and establishing a safe and controlled environment for material handling.

Our scissor lifts, functioning as lifting tables, are designed with a focus on enhancing the working environment. By creating the right working height, we reduce the risk of injuries caused by heavy lifting and repetitive movements, ensuring that employees have easy access to their tasks – regardless of complexity.

JEMA LIFT offers a comprehensive range of high-quality lifting tables that can be customized for various heights and loads. Our lifting tables can be stationary or portable based on your needs. Typically, the load is adjusted hydraulically either directly or through multiple hydraulic cylinders—or indirectly through the scissor arms.