Safety equipment

Security edge list

During the outer edge of the platform, we mount a safety edge list that immediately stops the lowering movement if activated. In this way, the security edge list ensures that there is no clamping with clamping during use of the lifting table.

Security barrier

It is forbidden to stay under the platform unless the lifting table is mechanically locked. Our lifting tables are all mounted with safety barriers, which can hold the table in service height, so service and repairs can be performed securely under the platform.

Solenoid valve

JEMA LIFT lifting tables are mounted with a solenoid valve directly on the cylinder. The solenoid valve blocks the oil, which means that the platform does not lower in case of breakage of the hydraulic system.

Hose rupture valve

On Jema Lift lifting tables, there are hose break valve, which ensures that whose hose breaks arise, lower low speed lifting table.

Lockpal for blocking

The locking pawl ensures that the lift becomes in position.

Legislation and labeling

CE label

All JEMA LIFT lifting tables are marked with CE marks, and we send a CE statement along with the manual.

A 1570

All JEMA LIFT lifting tables are designed according to EN 1570 which is the rules applicable to lifting tables for goods with and without operator.

Abek 461

On 30 June 2016, the Danish Working Environment Authority issued new legislation on lifts, namely Abek 461. JEMA LIFT produces lifting tables that meet these laws.