Custom-made solutions

There are many factors to take into account when one
The builder or architect must choose which lift platform or
Elevator they must have. Jema Lift has extensive experience of guiding in and
Advise on what lift platform to be selected for that specific
project. We are particularly good at customizing solutions that fit into existing architecture.

Our specialty solutions we construct from scratch and we can meet almost every need. We have skilled.
Constructors in-house, which you get dictate contact.

When we make a specially matched solution we offer:

- Sketch of solution suggestions
- Participation in design and coordination meetings
- Survival on the construction site
Contact us
and get help with project

Get painted in own colors

We have their own painter in Jema Lift, which ensures that all our products are razed when they are sent. If you as a customer have wants to a particular color, your lift must be painted in, we can also accommodate this.