Renovation of conservation-worthy buildings - get a lift that fits in

When conservation-worthy buildings must be renovated, it is important to preserve the identity of the building. Bygningsreglementet gør, at mange vil skulle installereløfteplatforme/handicaplifte for at gøre bygningerne tilgængelige for handicappede. In other buildings you may need product elevators. In this connection, it is important that you get lifts that fit into beautiful buildings architecture.

A stair lift can be used as lifting platform locations where you want the lifting platform to be built into the building's architecture and become hidden. In addition, the stairlift has two functions in that it both acts as a staircase and as lifting platform for wheelchair users and poorly walking.

In some buildings, there is a need for a product elevator, and in this connection, such a good thing can be made to fit into the aesthetics. På Carlsberg Akademiet er valgt en vareelevator med platform i bruneret messing og
messingtryk til at betjene den. It means that goods elevators fit well into the beautiful buildings.

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